Navagraha Temples

Suriyan,Chandran,Chevai,Budhan,Guru, Sukran,Saneeswaran,Rahu,Kethu are collectively called Navagrahas. As per Hindu religious beliefs, Navagrahas play a crucial role in the lives of mankind and visiting temples dedicated to Navagrahas can alleviate different doshams.


Surrounded pleasingly by Kaveri River and Arasalar River, Kumbakonam is also known as City of Temples. This can be justified as you can see a lot of temples and monasteries here and you can visit selected ones based on your specific beliefs.

Madurai Meenakshi

Meenakshi amman temple in madurai is one of the most beautiful grand and recognised temples in south india. The unique and rare architectural grandeur of this temple its structure,towers and mandapams are most visually appealing.

108 Divya Desams

The 108 revered temples that were mentioned by the Tamil Azhvars would be really worthy to visit. Among these temples 105 are in India, 1 in Nepal and it is believed that 2 are located outside to the earthly realms. Incarnations of lord Vishnu are deities in these temples.

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