108 DivyaDesams

Get submerged in the feel of divinity and spiritual tranquility by paying a visit to 108 DivyaDesams. This is an option for touring where you can enjoy the ultimate peace of life as well as visual treats. Some master pieces of great artistic works can be seen here and the place is an ideal destination for those who love shopping handicraft items.

DivyaDesams in, near and around Kumbakonam gets flooded with hordes of devotees throughout the year.

What are DivyaDesams?

DivyaDesam are those 108 temples dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu mentioned in the works of Tamil saints known as Azhvars. They worshiped God as the presiding deity with their hymns known as Pasurams.

Azhwarswere twelve supreme Lord Vishnu devotees, who played crucial role in spreading Vaishnavismduring 5th to 8th centuries A.D.

India houses 105 DivyaDesams and Nepal houses 1.It is believed that 2 of the remaining temples are in the heavenly world called Thirupparamapatham and Thirupparkadal. Only blessed souls are fortunate to worship these two temples after demise to submit themselves under the feet of Lord Narayana.

Worshiping God with chants and songs is called "Mangalaasaasanam". These Hymns were later on brought together by NaadhaMunigal, one of the greatest saints. NalayiraDivyaPrabandham is the mode in which the hymns are sung. It is a unique procedureforadmiration of Gods in all the 108 DivyaDesams. These rhymes are in simple and clean Tamil language which lucidly explains the extracts from Vedas, Upanishads and Brahmasutras etc.

While most of the temples abide byThenkalai worship method, some also follow Vadakalaialong with others.

List of DivyaDesams

ChozhaNaattuThiruppathikal [ 40 ]

1. ThiruArangam (Srirangam)
2. ThiruKoozhi(Urayur - NachiyarKoil)
3. Thirukarambanur (UttamarKoil)
4. Thiruvellarai
5. ThiruAnbil
6. Thirupper Nagar
7. ThiruKandiyur
8. Tirukkoodaloor (AaduthuraiPerumalKoil)
9.Thirukkavithalam (Kapistalam)
10. Thirupullamboothangudi
11. ThiruAadhanur
12. Thirukkudanthai (Kumbakonam)
13. Thiruvinnagar (OpiliyappanKovil)
14. Tirunaraiyur (NaachiyaarKoyil)
15. Thirucherai
16. Tirukkannamangai (Krishna MangalaKshetram)
17. Thirukkannapuram
18. Thirukkannangudi
19. Thirunagai (Nagappattinam)
20. ThiruThanjaiMamaniKovil
21. Thirunandhipuravinnakaram
22. Thiruvelliyangudi
23. Thiruvazhundur (Therazhandur)
24. Thiruchirupuliyur
25. ThiruthalaiSangaNaanmathiyam (Thalachankadu)
26. ThiruIndhalur
27. Thirukavalampaadi (Thirunangur)
28. Thirukkazhichiramavinnakaram (Seerkazhi)
29. ThiruArimeyaVinnagaram
30. Thiruvanpurutothaman (ThiruNaangur)
31. TiruchemponseiKovil
32. ThirumanimadaKovil
33. ThiruvaikhunthaVinnagaram
34. ThiruvaliyumThirunagariyum
35. Thiruthevanarthogai
36. Thiruthetriambalam
37. Thirumanikkudam
38. Thiruvellakkulam
39. ThiruParthanpalli
40. Tiruchitrakootam(Chithambaram)
PaandiyaNaattuThiruppathikal (18)
41. ThiruMaliruncholai
42. ThiruKottiyur
43. ThiruMeyyam
44. Thirupullani
45. ThiruThanaga
46. Thirumogur
47. Thirukoodal (Madurai)
48. Srivilliputhur
49. ThiruKurugur (AazhvaarThirunagari)
50. ThiruTholai Villi Mangalam
51. ThiruSiriVaraMangai
52. Thirupulingudi
53. Thirupperai
54. ThiruVaikundam (Srivaikuntam)
55. ThiruVaragunamangai
56. ThiruKulandhai (Perunkulam)
57. ThiruKurungudi
58. ThiruKolur
MalaiNaattuThiruppathikal (13)
59. Thiruvananthapuram
60. Thiru Van Parisaram
61. ThiruKatkarai
62. ThiruMuzhikkalam
63. Thirupuliyur (Kutta Nadu)
64. ThiruChengannur
65. ThiruNavai
66. ThiruVallavazh (ThiruValla)
67. ThiruVanvandoor (Thiruvamundoor)
68. Thiruvattaru
69. ThiruVithuvakodu
70. ThiruKadithanam
71. ThiruVaranVilai (Aaranmula)
Nadu NaattuThiruppathikal (2)
72. Thiruvaheendrapuram
73. ThiruKovalur
ThondaiNaattuThiruppathigal (22)
74. ThiruKacchi - Atthigiri (Kanchipuram)
75. ThiruAshtapujagaram (Kanchipuram)
76. ThiruThankal (Thuppul - Kanchipuram)
77. ThiruVelukkai (Kanchipuram)
78. ThiruPaadagam (Kanchipuram)
79. Thiruneeragam (Kanchipuram)
80. ThiruNilathingalThundam (Kanchipuram)
81. ThiruOoragam (Kanchipuram)
82. Thiruvekka (Kanchipuram)
83. Thirukkaragam (Kanchipuram)
84. Thirukkarvaanam (Kanchipuram)
85. ThiruKellvanur (Kanchipuram)
86. Thirupavalavannam (Kanchipuram)
87. ThiruparameshvaraVinnagaram (Kanchipuram)
88. ThiruPutkuzhi
89. ThiruNindravur (Thinnanur)
90. ThiruEvvul (Thiruvallur)
91. ThiruNeermalai
92. Thiruvidendhai
93. ThiruKadalmallai(Mahabalipuram)
94. Thiruvallikkeni
95. Thirukkadigai (Sholingapuram)
96. Thiruvenkadam (Tirupathi - A.P.)
97. Singavezhkunram(Ahobilam - A.P.)
98. ThiruAyoddhi (Ayodhya - U.P.)
99. ThiruNaimisaranyam (U.P.)
100. ThiruSalagramam (Nepal)
101. ThiruBadrikasramam (Badrinath - Uttaranchal)
102. KandamKadiNagar(Deva Prayagai - Uttaranchal)
103. ThiruPirithi (NandPrayag/Joshi Math - Uttaranchal)
104. ThiruDwarakai (Dwaraka - Gujarat)
105. ThiruVadamadura (Mathura - U.P.)
106. ThiruAaipadi (Gokulam - U.P.)
Celestial Abodes (2)
107. ThirupparKadal
108. ThiruParamapadham

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