Kumbakonam Temples

If you have been searching to find a place that perfectly blends tourist attractions and historical significance, Kumbakonam is where you must be traveling to. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, one can undoubtedly say that Kumbakonam is one of such rarest places where daily life of the people is intricately tethered to and set against the backdrop of religious and mythological beliefs.

Being the oldest township strategically located at the banks of two famous rivers in India, the township acted as a sacred place to people of Kumbakonam to connect to their deities. There are over 200 temples located in and around this township and many of them attract tens of thousands of visitors every year and it is no wonder the city has been rightfully called as “city of temples” or “temple town”. The temples in Kumbakonam act as a great relief to those who are in search of inner peace.

Please find below tourist places and temples around kumbakonam

Mahamagam Tank

The Mahamagam Tank in Kumbakonamis a huge sacred tank which is used to hold the 12 year Mahamaham. The festival is held once in every twelve years and the same has played in the growth and development of most of the temples in Kumbakonam. Mahamagam in the local dialect means ‘the removal of sins’ The legends say that once in every year Sun in Simha Rasi with Jupiter, Moon and Sun exerts influence on the body of the living beings and on earth. This festival characterized by bathing in the Holy Water, is believed to protect the followers from any future calamities. The legends of the festival have been proved by science and the advantages of taking bath in the sacred tank has also been studied and confirmed.

There are numerous shrines near the Mahamagam Tank and each of them has its own spiritual significance.


Legends have it that the location where the coconut fell and grew into a coconut tree became Abimukesam. This is one of the temples in Kumbakonam where important festivals like Navaratri and Masi Maga are celebrated.


The deity of the shrine here is Upavidesar and it is located at the south west corner of the bank. It is said that the sacred thread of Kalasa fell here and as Upavida means sacred thread, the name was given. The goddess of the shrine is Sowndara Nayaki.

Kasi Visvanatha Temple:

Facing West, the shrine is located at the North bank of the Kumbakonam Tank and the shrine used to be called ‘Kudandai Karonam’. Though this one is the smallest of the temples in Kumbakonam, the religious beliefs and myths that are associated with the temple is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Temples in Kumbakonam

Being one of the important spiritual center of the Hindu followers, the number of the temples in Kumbakonam is overwhelming.

Sarangpani Temple

The temple is one of the 108 temples of the Lord Vishnu known as Divya Desams which are revered by the 12 Alwars or Poet Saints in their Nalayira Divya Prabandham and the same is situated along the banks of the river Cauveri.
The temple is also regarded as one of the Pancharanga Kshetrams as well. The temple apart from its religious significance and offering is also a great testimony of the inclination of the rulers towards art and architecture. The signature and favorite architectural styles of different kings from different dynasties can be seen at various parts of the temple.

Sri Sitarama Bhavani Sankarar Temple

Believed to have been built by Indore Shri Subba Rao Dravid over two centuries ago on the banks of the river Cauvery at the Solaiyappan Street, the temple is one of the most visited temples in Kumbakanonam. It is a rare temple where multiple deities are offered prayers. The temple abodes the Lord Rama, the Lord Shiva (in his Bhana lingam form) and Parvathi and they are in separate sannithis. This particular Rama of the temple is one of the twelve deities who have been revered and offered prayers to during the famous Akshya Thirthi celebrations held in Kumbakonam.

Sri Vijayeendra Tirtha Moola Brindavanam

Located at the Solaiyappan Street, the temple is the abode of the deity moola brindavanam of Sri Vijayeendra tirtha. One of the greatest scholars of India, Vijayeendra Tirtha was a great devotee of the Lord Vishnu and his Aradhana falls on Jyeshta Trayodashi as an offering and tribute to the deity.

Apart from the above mentioned temples, there are many more temples that add significantly to the religious ambience and spiritual revival of the people from around the world in Kumbakonam. Please find below the list of these famous temples click on them to get full details.

Other famous temples around kumbakonam

Aadanoor                           9 kms                         Andalukkumayyan
Ammankudi                          20 kms                        Kailasanadar
Avoor                              10 kms                        Pasupatheeswarar
AzhagaPuthur                       5 kms                         Sornapureeswarar
Darasuram                          4 kms                         Airavadeswarar
Enkan                              32 kms                        Lord Subramanya
Ganapathiagragharam                25 kms                        Lord Vinayaka
Haridwaramangalam                  28 kms                        Padaleswaran
Innamboor                          3 kms                         Ezhutharinthar
Kapisthalam                        Swamimalai                    Gajendra varadan
KoneriRajapuam                     4 kms                         Uma maheswarar (Boominathar)
Kottaiyoor                         6 kms                         Koteeswarar
Kudavasal (Kudavayil)              20 kms                        Koneswarar
Adhi Kumbeswara Swami temple       0 km                          Adhi Kumbeswarar
Nageswaraswami temple              0 km                          Nageswarar
Someswarar temple                  0 km                          Someswarar
kasi visawanthar temple            0 km                          kasi visawanthar
Bana Pureeawara	                   0 km                          Bana Pureeawarar
Sarangapanitemple                  0 km                          Sarangapani
Chakrapani temple                  0 km                          Chakrapani
Ramasamy temple                    0 km                          Lord Rama
Kuttalam                           26 kms                        Uktha veetheeswarar
Mannargudi                         36 kms                        Sri raja gopala swami
Mayiladuthurai                     35 kms                        Mayuranathar
Nannilam                           30 kms                        Maduvaneswarar
Nallor                             2 kms                         Kalyanasundareswarar
Natchiarkoil                       12 kms                        Srinivasa
Oothukadu                          20 kms                        Vedanarayanar
Pasupathikoil                      30 kms                        Brahma pureeswarar
Patteeswaram                       10 kms                        Dhenupureeawarar
Pazhayarai                    Near to Patteswaram                Someswarar
Poovanoor             ( Kumbakonam-Mannargudi road )             Pushpavansarar
Senganoor                     Near Thirupanandal                 Sathyagirinathar
Sirugudi               3 Kms (Kumbakonam - Natchiar Koil Road )  Sootchumapureeswarar
Swamimalai          8 Kms from Kumbakonam on Thiruvayyaru Road   Swaminathaswami
Therazhundoor        10 Kms (Kumbakonam-Mayiladuthutrai Road)    Kosagar
Thirucherai          15 Kms Kumbakonam - Tiruvarur Road          Saranthatperumal
Thirukkannamangai     36 Kms (Kumbakonam-Tiruvarur Road)         Bakthavatsalar
Thirukkarugavoor      7 Kms  (Kumbakonam- Thanjavur Road)        Garbapureeswarar
Thirukkodikkaval        Kumbakonam-Kadiramangalam Road	         Koteeswarar
Thirumancheri              8 kms from Kuttalam                   Kalyana sundarar
Thirumagalakkudi           2 Kms from Aduthurai                  Pranavaradeswarar
Thirumarugal          9 Kms from Nannilam(Nagore road)           Manikkavannar
Thirunaraiyoor         (Kumbakonam- Tiruvarur Road)              Siddhanadeswarar
Thiruneelakkud           Near to Thirunageswaram                 Neelakandeswarar
Thiruppampuram        2 kms (Kumbakonam- Karaikkal Road )        Seshapureeswarar
Thirupanandal                     19 kms                         Sadaiyappar
Thirupurambiyam               3 kms from Puliyanchery            Satchinathar
Thirubuvanam                      5 kms                          kambahareswarar
Thiruvaigavoor                    4.5 kms                        Vilvaneswarar
Thiruvalanchuzhi                  6 kms                          Karpaga natheswarar
Thiruvanchiyam	               (Kumbakonam-Nagoor Road)          Vanchihingeswarar
Thiruveehimazhai               (Kumbakonam-Peralam Road)         Netharar pareswarar
Thiruvidai marudoor               6 kms                          Mahalingeswarar
Thiruvisanaloor                   8 kms                          yaganandeswarar
Uppilippan koil                   10 kms                         Oppiliyapan
Valangaiman                       12 kms                         Mariamman

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